Grow Your Website With High Quality Blog Content

If you’d like to benefit from having a solid content marketing strategy in place, but don’t have the time to dedicate hours of your day to creating content, I can help.

Let me explain why my freelance blogging services are perfect for you. 

I understand that for many website owners, consistently finding time to work on tasks such a blogging just isn’t realistic. However, getting your digital marketing right is essential for enabling your business or website to grow in today’s online world. 

Should you use my blogging services?

My blog writing services will benefit blog, website and online store owners who:

  • Understand the benefit of effective content marketing
  • Want to build a long-term content marketing strategy to help grow their business or website
  • Lack the time, knowledge or resources to do it for themselves

If this sounds like you, read on to learn more about what I can do for you.

Learn more about my 3-step content creation services below

Understanding Your Goals and Audience

My blogging services begin before I write a single word for you. Why? Because getting the most out of your content marketing efforts begins with two critical things: getting to know your audience and pinning down exactly what  you’d like to achieve.

I will work with you to identify:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What they’re interested in and what problems they face
  • How your content can help them
  • What results you would like to see from your content

By getting a clear understanding of these simple yet fundamental aspects, I will be able to craft content that truly resonates with people who are likely to visit your website or buy your product/service.

Blogging Services - Understanding Customer Journey
Blogging Services - Researching Topics

Researching Optimal Topics

You may have something in mind that you’d like me to write about, or need some help coming up with content ideas – either is fine. 

By working together on the subjects that you’d like me to cover for your blog, we will be able to create content that draws visitors to your site and is in line with your brand’s vision and goals.

We will work together to identify topics that:

  • Are highly relevant to your brand/offering
  • Receive regular search traffic
  • Demonstrate potential interest in your product/service

Crafting Your Content

Once we have a clear goal in mind for your content, I will begin writing. This will be done within an agreed deadline and submitted in a timely manner for you to use on your website.

As part of my blog writing services, I will create content that is:

OriginalAll content written by me will be 100% original.

EvergreenYour blog content will be a long-term marketing asset that you will be able to share for years to come.  

Keyword OptimisedYour blog post will be crafted using SEO best-practices to give it the best possible chances of ranking highly on search engines.

Thoroughly Researched: All facts, figures and statistics featured in your content will be accurate and linked to an attributable study or report. 

Blogging Services - Writing Content


I am currently offering my blog writing services at an introductory rate of £60 per 1000 words.

Please note: This rate is likely to increase in coming months, so get in contact as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

I work on a 50% fee upfront basis, as I feel that this offers the most security for newer clients and myself. Once the project has been completed and you’re completely happy with the end-product, I will then invoice you for the remaining fee. I accept payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer only.

For clients that I have worked with on an on-going basis, and have built a working relationship with, I am open to alternative arrangements with regard to payment.

This will depend entirely on my current availability. However, as a general rule, I will aim to get a 1000 word blog post finished and submitted within 2-3 days of accepting the project.

For longer blog posts, I will set aside the initial 2-3 days, plus 2 extra days for each additional 1000 words (e.g. 4 – 5 days for a 2500 word blog post).

What My Clients Say

"Joseph and his team at Content Spectre are a first rate team of content writers and editors. No matter the brief the Content Spectre team understands what is required and delivers everytime superior work beyond expectations.

Over multiple projects we have yet to request a rewrite because Content Spectre works closely with their clients and understands their industry and requirements.

As a web publisher having confidence in the services provided by a third party allows us to focus on other areas of our business and Joseph and his team have given us this confidence in spades!"

"Joseph has written for my website on a number of occasions and always works hard to deliver high quality content. He delivers on time and I would highly recommend his services."

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